Investigator Aaron Swayze                                        Investigator Duston Todd


The Criminal Investigations Division of the Okmulgee County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for conducting criminal investigations within Okmulgee County Oklahoma. The Investigations Division investigate crimes ranging from Larceny to Homicide.

The investigations division has two (2) full-time investigators, responsible for the investigation of major crimes, as well as assisting patrol deputies with investigations. One Investigator is also the  property manager that is responsible for all property that comes into the Sheriff’s Office.

The Investigations division also assigned to the District 25 District Attorney's Drug and Violent Crime Task Force In Okmulgee and McIntosh Counties. This collaborative effort benefits all the citizens of both jurisdictions to solve these crimes in a timely manner.

The investigators work closely using a team approach with all surrounding law enforcement jurisdictions as well as state and federal entities, Department of Human Services, and Domestic Violence Intervention Services.