The Special Operations Team is under the supervision of Sheriff Eddy Rice. This team consists of 30 members from the Okmulgee County Sheriff's Office, District 25 District Attorney's Office, Okmulgee Police Department and the Henryetta Police Department.

Recognizing presence of a highly trained, highly skilled tactical unit has been shown to substantially reduce the risk of injury or loss of life to citizens, Law Enforcement officers and suspects; and recognizing that a well-managed “team “ response to critical incidents usually results in successful resolution of critical incidents, it is the intent of the Okmulgee County Sheriff's Office Special Operations Team to provide a highly trained and skilled tactical team as a resource for the Okmulgee County Sheriff's Office in the handling of a critical incident.

S.O.T. members are trained and equipped to respond to a number of critical incidents including, but not limited to, hostage situations, barricaded armed subjects refusing to surrender, conducting arrest and search warrants for dangerous felons, and providing dignitary protection. All S.O.T. members complete an  accredited S.W.A.T. school and are certified S.W.A.T. operators. Some members have specialized certifications as hostage negotiators and Law Enforcement Snipers. Other Members operate as tactical medics, communications and logistics.

Team members have specific duties. Some members of the team are assigned to the entry team, responsible for entries into locations to apprehend suspects or rescue hostages. Other team members are assigned to a perimeter unit which includes highly trained marksmen. They are responsible for securing perimeters at a scene and relaying vital information to other team members as well as a command post. Some team members are assigned to the hostage negotiation team and are responsible for communicating with suspects in an attempt to stabilize a dangerous situation and convince a suspect to surrender peacefully.

The Okmulgee County Sheriff's Office obtained an armored vehicle in 2016. The vehicle is able to withstand a shot from a high powered rifle. The vehicle will be utilized to transport tactical members in a hazardous environment, extricate and/or rescue injured officers/civilians, respond to natural disasters, communicate with suspects from a close range and deliver communications, medical supplies or food to suspects and/or victims.